The 7 best men’s workout shirts that wick sweat and keep you cool

If you ask any fitness enthusiast what features they prefer in their workout shirts, chances are that they will mention moisture-wicking fabrics, four-way stretch or sweat-activated cooling. These words may sound like a buzzword, but they are essentials for workout clothing.

Nike and Under Armour, two of the most popular brands in the world of sports apparel, have been making shirts for years. However, a few smaller companies have recently entered the market with their own unique designs. Today’s workout shirts come in a wide variety of styles and materials.

It can be difficult to decide which headphones to purchase because of the wide variety available. You may enjoy exercising at home. Or perhaps you prefer running and cycling. You might do a bit of everything. My wardrobe is FULL workout shirts.

Here are 7 of the best shirts I have tested. They excel in being functional and comfortable for a wide range of exercises. The shirts I have chosen are accurate, even though I update the guide frequently.

Best Overall: Ten Thousand Versatile shirt

Pros :Comfortable shirt for any activity or workout. Flatlock seams reduce chafing. Fabric is quick-drying and sweat-wicking.

Cons:Fit may differ from what you are used to, but make sure to double-check by using the interactive fit guide provided by the brand before purchasing.

‘s workout clothing is a favorite . When it comes to workout shirts that can be used for a wide range of exercises, I reach for the Versatile Shirt from Ten Thousand. It’s not only comfortable, but also functional and minimalist, which makes it perfect for weight training, cycling, yoga, and running.

The shirt is made of 84% poly and 16% spandex. It has a breathable, sweat-wicking design, which allows it to stay comfortable, no matter how hot or sweaty I get. This shirt performed well even when the temperatures dropped. I also appreciate its flatlock stitching which prevents chafing (which is a for my long runs).

Ten Thousand’s Versatile shirt is treated with silver ion anti odor treatment, similar to the gold particles used by Rhone in their fabric. The shirt was able to resist odors even after a 15 mile bike ride and an hour of resistance band exercise.

The medium shirt that I tried was just a little bit too short (and I am 5’8″), so I would recommend checking out Ten Thousand’s measurements. The chest, arms, and shoulders all fit well, but I’d have liked a little more length. (I may try the Large size next time.) There is a very useful interactive fit chart on the site that shows different body types for each size. This will give you an idea of how you’ll feel once you put it on.

Best for runners: Nike Dri-Fit Miler

Pros: Reflective features increase visibility, flat-seams are comfortable and reduce chafing, and DriFIT technology actively wicks away moisture.

Con: Despite the reflective pattern, it is not recommended that runners run at night in dark colors.

The athletic clothing a runner chooses should meet a high standard, based on how much rubbing and chafing they experience on short runs. Nike is a well-known brand and it has been manufacturing activewear for many years.

It’s the same story with Dri-Fit Miler a shirt specifically designed for runners.

The Miler’s patented Dri-Fit Technology allows it to not only wick moisture, but also stay dry regardless of the distance. This feature has a dramatic impact on both comfort and performance. The shirt has a dropped hem at the back, which offers more coverage compared to other running shirts. Its flat seams also help prevent excessive chafing and feel soft against the skin.

The reflective pattern is Nike’s best feature. It helps keep runners visible during their entire run. The reflective details will shine brightly in the morning, evening, or at dusk when they are hit by headlights or flashlights, alerting those who pass to the runner’s location. The shirt will still reflect in the dark, even though running at night is a completely different experience. Dark colors are not recommended for people who run after the sun has set.

Rhone Reign is the best for odor control

Pros GoldFusion technology has a fast drying time and is comfortable.

Cons: Premium price tag

There are many innovative workout shirts, but there is also the Rhone Reign. This shirt features real gold flakes and utilizes the GoldFusion Technology. GoldFusion is not a gimmick. It has three main benefits: it actively wicks moisture away, fights odors, and reduces drying times.

The technology not only keeps you comfortable and dry, but also prevents even the worst smells from the gym. This is a feature that the other people in the gym will surely appreciate.

The Reign shirt is not only known for its GoldFusion, but also for its fit and comfort. It’s a synthetic performance tee that can withstand almost any activity or sport, and still remain comfortable. It has flatlock stitching and raglan sleeves to ensure a comfortable fit without irritating or chafing your skin.

Rhone has only recently entered the athletic apparel market, but the Reign, with its GoldFusion Technology and casual, modern fit, lives up to its title.

Arctic Cool Crew Neck: Best for hot weather

Pros Innovative HydroFeeze Cooling Tech actually cools the body and works. UPF 50+ rating blocks harmful UV rays. Antimicrobial cooling technology is machine washable and will never fade.

Con:Plain Style and Color Choices

Rhone’s Reign’s fabric may contain gold flakes, but Arctic Cool’s Crew Neck shirt with its plain name has its own secret weapon: HydroFreeze® X technology. HyrdoFreeze is not just a fancy name. This fabric is a type that, by wicking away moisture, lowers the body’s temperature.

Fabric absorbs moisture as you sweat and distributes it throughout the material. The cooling effect is created by the air moving over the surface. You can feel as cool as 30 degrees. After the air cools and moves through the shirt, all excess moisture is removed. The technology is also antimicrobial. This means it can withstand a lifetime of washings without losing its performance.

The shirt is plain but the HydroFreeze fabric provides a premium fit for a wide range of activities and exercises. Each shirt has a UPF 50+ rating, which means it provides a high level sun protection by blocking up to 98% harmful UV rays.

Best-fitting: Saxx Aerator

Pros :Comfortable, great fit, can be used for many workouts such as HIIT, cycling, or running. Available in L/S.

Cons – Limited color options

Saxx is best known for its innovative line of supportive underwear. also produces a variety of workout apparel. The Aerator shirt is one of my favorites. It’s also available in long-sleeved versions.

The fit of the shirt may be my favorite feature. The shirt has a flattering fit that is larger in the chest but slimmer at the waist. It can achieve a fitted look, which is true to size. This not only makes me feel more confident when wearing it, but a shirt with the right fit just works better.

The Aerator comes in three colors. While each color is beautiful and can be customized to fit any style, some may find the three to be a bit basic. To be fair, it’s a minor complaint.

This shirt has held up well for me when I have worn it to run or do at-home exercises. It doesn’t feel heavy, even in the humid summer when I can be drenched with sweat in minutes. The moisture-wicking technology seems to work. The Aerator has quickly become one of my favorite workout clothes and I don’t see it going anywhere any time soon.

HeatGear by Under Armour is the best for cold weather

Pros Second-skin fit allows layering without sacrificing the performance. HeatGear fabric is soft and lightweight and keeps you warm even in cold temperatures. Four-way stretch provides a wide range of motion, and Under Armour compression improves performance.

Con: Limited to cold and moderate weather.

Under Armour has made a name for itself by designing and manufacturing the best compression athletic apparel on the market. Its HeatGear Armour Long Sleeve Shirt is a perfect example of this brand’s innovation. The HeatGear Armour features a lightweight, compression-style design and a second-skin-like fit. It is a comfortable shirt with a supportive form.

The four-way stretch fabric not only enhances your performance, but it also avoids hindering it. HeatGear fabric is designed to keep you warm even in cold weather. The shirt has a UPF rating of 30+, which protects against UV rays.

It also wicks away moisture and dries fast, which is a great feature for people who enjoy running outside. Under Armour HeatGear Armour lets you enjoy your training outside the gym even during the winter.

Reebok Supersonic – the best casual shoe

Pros Stylish design, moisture-wicking fabric, quick-drying fabric, performs well in any environment and the loose fit allows for greater mobility.

Con: Fitted Design may not suit all body types

Reebok, a company that is mostly known for its sneakers, also offers athletic apparel as impressive as their shoes. Adidas’ subsidiary, Supersonic 2.0, aims to offer a performance fabric that can wick away sweat, dry quickly and still look great. This shirt is not only stylish and athletic, but also delivers on performance. It can be worn every day.

The Supersonic 2.0, made of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex, is highly breathable. It is also lightweight and can wick away moisture to help prevent excessive sweating. You can wear this to the gym, and even after a hard workout, you can still wear it when meeting friends or going back to work.

The top is fitted to fit the wearer’s upper body, while the bottom allows for freedom of movement. The fit is always the same, whether you’re playing basketball for an afternoon, lifting weights for an hour, or going on a run. Reebok’s Supersonic 2.0 shirt is as versatile and functional as they come. It is recommended to wash it regularly.

Workout shirt glossary

As there are many options available, so too is the variety of applications or workout styles that a wearer may choose. A runner may want a lighter option, or a fitness enthusiast might desire something that will look good no matter what activity they are doing.

There’s a workout shirt for every purpose. The best workout shirts are not only functional but also stylish, comfortable, and perform well.

Men’s workout shirts come in a variety of styles and features.

Sweat wicking: Sweat wicking shirts remove moisture from the skin. These shirts don’t absorb any moisture, unlike cotton tees. This means they won’t feel heavy when you exercise.

Odor Control: Fabrics that have odor-control technologies help reduce lingering smells. Manufacturers can achieve this in a number of ways, including using merino or a fabric with breathable properties, or even gold particles, as is the case for Rhone.

Quick-dry Fabric: Workout shirt with quick-dry fabric is often made of merino, polyester or nylon.

Four way stretch: This fabric type allows for greater flexibility, allowing the wearer to feel less inhibited when running, lifting weights or performing moves such as lunges and burpees.

How to test workout shirts

The shirts featured in this guide have been tested on a range of exercises and activities. The workouts consist of weight training with dumbbells, medicine balls and resistance bands. They also include 30-minute cardio sessions, such as an outdoor run or bike ride.

There is no perfect workout shirt. Each selection has its own set of drawbacks, such as sizing or fit issues, a high price tag, and a lack of color options. Future updates will also include new product releases and styles.

The four categories that we used to evaluate each shirt during the testing process are:

Fit A poorly fitting workout shirt will not motivate or push you to complete your workout. This is true whether you are out running or using resistance bands in the comfort of your home. We tested the shirt’s stretch and movement, as well as the armholes to see if they allowed us the proper range of motion.

Performance Performance, in today’s world, is the fabric technology of a shirt. How well does the fabric wick away sweat or control odors? Does it breathe well and prevent chafing when worn? The performance of a workout shirt is one of the factors that we looked at. After all, you don’t want to worry about sweaty clothes or bad smells while working out.

Fabric Tech: Innovative fabrics are now standard in all types of workout gear. Brands have adopted everything from multi-stretch materials to active cooling, and even UPF protection. These are now common practices, so it is harder to judge how well a shirt uses the technology.

Value The quality of a workout shirt depends less on how much it cost and more on the combination of three categories that precede it as well as its final price. It’s always better to invest in a quality product rather than a cheap one, especially if it is poorly designed and will not last.

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