Here are five other home gym picks: What you should know about buying an exercise bike

Working out at Home has many benefits. You don’t need to be in a crowd. You can skip the expense and travel time. You don’t need to be concerned about how you look. You can exercise whenever you have the time.

Experts say that if you create routines, you can do at your Home, even if they are shorter, you will likely log more workouts.

“Research shows that you don’t need to exercise for an hour or 30 minutes to reap the health benefits of exercise,” states Tom Holland, a personal coach and fitness consultant from Darien, Connecticut.

You might want to avoid getting dressed up and go to the gym for 15 minutes, but core exercises that are 15 minutes before you shower may fit into your busy schedule. In a study published in March 2019 in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, it was found that a 10-minute exercise session had a positive effect on overall mortality rates. One of the most critical changes in the updated 2018 physical activities guidelines from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services was removing a minimum amount of physical activity to count towards your weekly total. These guidelines state that even activities lasting less than 10 minutes count towards your weekly total of physical activity.

It cannot be easy to choose the right equipment for your needs. Holland, who has American College of Sports Medicine and American Council on Exercise personal trainer certifications, suggests that you consider the following essential factors: How much space are you allowed? How much money do you have? Who will be using the equipment? Having strength training and cardio exercise options in your area is a good idea.

Holland states that cardiovascular exercise adds years to life, and strength training adds years to your years.

Here are six home gym options that the pros recommend. Remember that the best choices suit your needs and space and that you will use. You might have a yoga mat, favorite music, and a home gym.

Exercise Bikes

The advantages Holland states are that the low-impact bikes can help you lose weight and calories and are suitable for beginners and advanced. You can ride the bike alone, but you can also download apps such as CycleCast and Peloton to help you. Some of these classes are life. The American Council on Exercise states that a 45-minute group cycling class can burn 350 to 600 calories.

Choose the right bike for you. Comfort is an essential factor when choosing a bicycle. Some people prefer an upright bike, while others prefer a recumbent model. Holland states, “If it’s uncomfortable with you, you won’t use it.” You can choose the features you need, such as distance and time tracking, or advanced features, like video content and app connectivity. It would help if you also decided how much money you would spend on exercise bikes (they come in many price points).

Treadmills and Elliptical Machines

Your goals and your health will determine which benefits you choose. Holland states that runners and walkers will benefit from a treadmill, while people with joint problems may prefer an elliptical. One of the most significant differences is that elliptical machines can simultaneously work both your upper and lower bodies. A treadmill may offer more options in terms of workouts, such as running or walking, speed, and incline. When choosing between the two, selecting the machine, you will use for the longest time is best.

Choose the correct one—different movement patterns exist for elliptical machines. Make sure to test each one before you buy. Some elliptical machines come with handles, while others do not. Decide if you want to exercise your whole body and get on an elliptical machine with handles.

If you use your treadmill often, ensure it has a good warranty and durability. Also, make sure it meets your needs. Do you plan to use it for walking or running? Bluetooth connectivity is required to allow you to use third-party apps. Are you looking for built-in video workouts?

Holland states, “Decide how much technology you need and select your treadmill accordingly.”


The advantages They are one of the most popular home strength training options. Holland states that they are small, compact, and inexpensive and can be used for various exercises.

Choose the right dumbbell for you. There are many styles of dumbbells, but the most popular is the fixed dumbbell. These are the dumbbells you’ll find on the weight rack at the gym. They come in pairs with different resistance. You can choose from weights of one pound up to twenty pounds. If you need more space or money to buy a whole set of fixed dumbbells, there are adjustable dumbbells.

Make sure you choose dumbbells that are the right weight for your needs and your exercise routine. Injuries can result from using weights that are too heavy.

Resistance bands

Strength training with resistance bands can help you build strength and flexibility, according to Jaime McFaden. She is a master trainer at Aaptiv and a personal coach based out of Redwood City, California. You can also work against tension during the exercise. This means you will work more muscles than if you were performing the move without the band. Additionally, you can improve your balance and coordination. These bands are affordable and easy to transport.

Choose the right one. There are many resistance bands available. They come in different strengths and can be color-coded according to tension. McFadden recommends having several. You can also choose to have your crew with handles or without. Both are useful, but make sure that the handles are comfortable. There are many shapes, including a circular or figure-8-shaped band. McFadden recommends starting with a simple long band unless you need something more.

Stability Ball

The advantages They are affordable (about $30), portable (when deflated), versatile, and multipurpose Holland states. It can be used for many exercises, including core work, unilateral lower-body activities, and upper-body strength moves. Using dumbbells, you can use the ball as a weight bench to perform exercises like supine (lying down) or seated chest presses.

Choose the right size for you. Stability balls come in a variety of diameters. These can be between 45 and 85 centimeters. Your height will determine which size is best. You should be able to sit on the stability ball with your knees bent at 90 degrees and your hips slightly higher than your knees. To find the right size, refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines. For example, if you are between 5’1″and -5’5″, you might buy a 55-centimeter ball such as the Balance Ball by Gaiam. It would help if you looked for one that is burst-resistant, regardless of size.

TRX Suspension Training

The advantages You can do hundreds of exercises using this piece of equipment. This set of heavy-duty, adjustable straps can increase strength and resistance to gravity. A strong door can attach to the TRX system, or an overhead hook can be purchased separately. The space should measure approximately eight feet by six inches. Adjusting your body position within the straps can make the exercises more difficult or accessible.

You’ll build not only muscle endurance but also cardiovascular fitness. Proof? The proof?

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