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Personal Training

Transform Yourself with Personal Training
We all come in different shapes and sizes, and have different lifestyle requirements, people want different results from a work out. You may want to lose weight, improve your sports performance or simply energise your batteries.

Whatever your desired outcome, our personal trainers are dedicated to helping you experience more effective workouts in less time.

How will Personal Training Benefit You?
Working with one of our Personal Trainers will benefit you by offering you;
  Accountability – Knowing that your personal trainer is helping you take responsibility for your goals.
  Structure - Having appointments with your personal trainer ensures you exercise on a regular basis.
  Results – Your personal trainer is experienced in delivering results, so you make the most of your workout time.
  Variety – By keeping your training interesting with different exercises and techniques to keep you on track.
  Motivation – Let your Personal Trainer help you through the natural highs and lows of life and hence your workouts.
  Progression – As you achieve your goals, new ones will appear. Your Personal Trainer will be there to guide you to the next level.
  A Training Buddy – Yours Personal Trainer is devoted to you and cares about your results. They are there for you.

Discover our Personal Training Packages?

  Shape it – tone and sculpt your body 
  Build it – build muscle quickly and effectively
  Lose it – lose weight, boost your fitness and reduce body fat
  Fight it – enjoy punching through the calories
  Fix it – rehabilitation for injuries or recurring problems
  Sport it – a sport specific program to enhance your performance
  Group it – more motivation and shared energy at a fraction of the cost
  Eat it – learn to boost your metabolism and fast track your results
  Outdoor it – dynamic group cross training sessions for all

Kids Personal Training
Five Star personal trainers are fully qualified and experienced in providing personal training to children of all ages. The objectives of personal training for children are;

  Meeting the goals of both parent and child
  Breaking down exercises into teachable components
  Gaining sporting knowledge and experience
  Increasing self esteem and self confidence
  Improving co-ordination
  Having fun
  Developing sport specific skills
  Increasing fitness
  Decreasing/ increasing weight
  Improving posture
  Rehabilitating injuries
  Providing a positive and rewarding environment for the child to develop

Getting started with a Personal Trainer has never been easier
Simply enter your details below to inquire about one of our exciting personal training packages and be one step closer to achieving your health and fitness goals.

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158 Gordon St, Port Macquarie  
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